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How to setup Dev, Test, Prod environmnents

May 10, 2014 at 2:08 AM
I was asked how organise environments (Dev, Test, Prod) .
My preference is to use BIDS (or Data Tools) as Dev environment, where developer can create and modify report without deployment. Then I create 2 solution environments using Configuration Managers. On SSRS server I create 2 or more folders Test and Prod and setup deployment path in the Configuration Managers. When report looks good enough I deploy it to Test folder of SSRS. Then I create Visual Studio unit test to run report in Test folder. When test is passed I deploy report to Prod folder.
Again, Visual Studio (BIDS) is not testing placeholder. I do not use this tool in VS directly. I just create project type unit test which invokes the tool. The tool analyses SSRS folder content, run report through web services, creates linked reports in that folder, etc.