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Project Description
Allows testing reports deployed to reporting server 2008R2 or 2012 in Native or SharePoint mode. The tests cases are created in xml file in declareative form

The executable reads input file and generates output file with Passed="True|False" attribute for each test case tag. The input and output files path could be passed through as arguments. If arguments are not defined it tries to read Settings.xml in the same folder and generate output file named as "TestSuite + timestamp.xml".
Moreover, this application could be used to export reports in XML|CSV|IMAGE|PDF|EXCEL|WORD|HTML 4.0|MHTML formats. It allows to create custom subscribtion to cover the lack of data driven subscriptions in editions under Enterprise.

AdventureWorks Sample Reports 2008 R2
The reports solution is used as test content. Here is reports landscape in that solution.
reports landscape.png
These dependencies allow to check data across the reports. For example Territory Sales report allows to drill down to Order Details report
territory sales.png
So total amount could be compared accross parent and drill down reports
sales order.png

reports drilldown.png
Which creates great opportunities for unit testing covered by this project.

Here is main steps:
  1. deploy reports to report server
  2. change Settings.xml
  3. run executable
  4. open output file.
Please find details in documentation.

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